Report: NHL and NHLPA reach tentative agreement on 56 game schedule

Breaking this evening, hockey fans can pump their fists and cheer. The NHL and NHLPA have reached a tentative agreement to start the regular season on January 13.

NHL season to start on January 13

While the dates are subject to change, this is tremendous news and keeps the league on target. Training camps will start on 12/30 for non RTP teams and 1/3 for the rest.

The NHL will gather the Board of Governors this weekend to vote on the plan. Meanwhile, the NHLPA should begin their vote tonight at 8 PM EST. An official announcement will follow on a 56 game schedule.

Another positive note is that the All-Canadian Division still has a chance to stay in Canada. Health protocols are being worked on but the hope is they can resolve it all by Monday.

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