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Report: NFLPA reps unanimously recommend NFL cancel entire preseason

NFL football on field

The NFL already made a significant change to the 2020 schedule by eliminating two preseason games. Now, amid growing concern regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL Players Association is urging the league to cancel the preseason entirely.

NFLPA reps recommend NFL cancels 2020 preseason

As the United States continues to see spikes in the number of coronavirus cases, players are becoming increasingly concerned about the level of safety in the NFL this season. Now with two preseason games already eliminated, players are pushing for the NFL to take it a step further.

The NFL wants its 2020 season to go on despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but everyone doesn’t share the league’s confidence. NFL owners are fearful the season will be canceled if the health crisis gets worse and clubs are feeling uneasy about football being played.

Eliminating all four preseason games would wipe out some additional risks for players. Taking away two games, opportunities where the coronavirus could easily spread in a contact sport, would help ensure safety.

It remains to be seen if the NFL will go along with this recommendation. It would also hurt unproven players who depend on preseason games to demonstrate they belong in the NFL. Unfortunately, given the heartbreaking toll COVID-19 has already taken, it would be in everyone’s best interest if the NFL takes extreme caution.