Report: NFL to Suspend Tom Brady Next Week

It appears that the wheels are in motion for the National Football League to lay the hammer down on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his role in the entire Deflategate scandal.

According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, multiple sources close to the situation have indicated that a decision to suspend Brady has already been made.

From the report: 

In conversations I’ve had with several key sources who always have a good sense of what goes on at 345 Park Avenue, there is little doubt Goodell considers Brady’s role in DeflateGate a serious violation.

The NFL is convinced, according to sources, that connecting all the dots of the evidence supplied by Wells leads to one conclusion. Brady cheated.

Myers goes on to indicate that a decision on the length of Brady’s suspension is expected sometime next week.

None of this should come as too much of a surprise given the Ted Wells report pretty much pointed to Brady having knowledge of, and partaking in, serious violations of NFL rules prior to the Patriots AFC Championship game with the Indianapolis Colts.

While it’s not yet known how long Brady will be suspended for, it doesn’t seem like the future Hall of Fame quarterback is going to miss just one or two games.

A Brady suspension has been a foregone conclusion since Wells’ report was made public on Wednesday. At that time, Goodell released a statement that strategically placed the term “disciplinary action” within it. That had to be a sign that something was going to happen pertaining to Brady. It has also been reported that everything is currently on the table in relation to league-mandated sanctions against Brady.

It will definitely be interesting to see just how hard the NFL comes down on its golden boy.

Photo: USA Today Sports