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Report: NFL teams unable to examine Tua Tagovailoa’s hip due to coronavirus pandemic

Matt Johnson
Tua Tagovailoa NFL Draft
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL slowly adjusts to a new normal where teams can’t host players for visits or conduct their medicals, a result of the coronavirus epidemic, top prospect Tua Tagovailoa will be significantly impacted as he prepares for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Tagovailoa will not be able to visit teams or be examined by their medical staff, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. As a result, his health and recovery from a fractured hip this past season becomes the biggest question of the NFL Draft.

The NFL implemented rules due to the COVID-19 epidemic that barred visits between teams and draft prospects. The league’s safety measure also prevented clubs from being able to send team personnel from traveling to see top prospects.

Tagovailoa met with NFL teams at the NFL Combine and reportedly came away with teams feeling very good about his surgically-repaired hip. The 22-year-old was expected to be fully recovered and cleared to throw at his Pro Day on April 9, but that is unlikely to happen given the ongoing coronavirus epidemic with everyone being asked to stay indoors.

The NFL is moving forward with the 2020 NFL Draft as scheduled from April 23-25. As a result of that and the league’s safety measures, it could now impact Tagovailoa’s draft stock. Projected to be a top-five pick in the latest mock draft, this news and uncertainty could push an elite talent down the draft board on draft day.