Report: NFL salary cap will increase to $163-165 million

The rich get richer. In good news for players and teams, the league is reportedly set to let owners know this upcoming Wednesday that the NFL salary cap will significantly rise for the 2017 season.

This news comes by way of ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“This season’s salary cap is $155.27 million,” Schefter writes, “so the league is preparing for another $10 million jump in the cap, although the precise figures will not be known until shortly before the league year begins in March.”

This increase in salary cap will be a boon to players like Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins and Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry, who’ve had outstanding seasons while playing on the franchise tag.

We should expect to see some huge money being thrown around this upcoming spring when free agency begins, with players who might not be viewed as top-tier talent raking in top-tier money. And with the rookie salary cap being what it is, this increase in cap will benefit veterans exclusively.

The craziest thing about the increased cap figures is that Schefter reports this initial figure could be on the low side to help “keep teams’ expectations in line.”