Report: NFL Plans to Change Football Handling Guidelines

By Vincent Frank

A recent Associated Press report indicates that the National Football League is in the midst of plans to change how footballs are handled prior to the start of games next year.

This has everything to do with Deflategate and the scandal that has seemingly rocked the football world over the past few months. According to the report, officials want to avoid the possibility that teams could tamper with footballs moving forward.

It makes perfect sense.

One of the least talked about aspects of Deflategate is just how Patriots staffers were able to get their hands on the balls after the officials checked them for the proper PSI levels. Under this new rule, that wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

This potential rule change is expected to be discussed at the owners meetings in San Francisco next week. Anyone else interested in knowing what New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft might have to say about this?

Photo: USA Today Sports