Report: NFL fines Richard Sherman $9,000 for hit on Bills kicker

The Seattle Seahawks and Richard Sherman surely did catch a break late in the first half of Monday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

With Buffalo attempting a field goal at the end of the half, Sherman jumped off-sides and ran into Bills kicker Dan Carpenter. The result of the of the play was a penalty on Sherman and an injury to Carpenter. Buffalo had to attempt the field goal again, an attempt that sailed wide right.

There were many at the time who believed Sherman should have been ejected from the game for the hit on Carpenter. And no matter how poorly the officials botched the play from the get-go, there’s no question just how dirty the play was itself.

It’s rather clear that Sherman went for Carpenter’s knee there, which should have at least resulted in a 15-yard penalty. Instead, officials called Sherman for a five-yard off-sides penalty.

Now, days removed from the incident, the NFL has reportedly given Sherman a slap on the wrist. According to Pro Football Talk, the All Pro defender was fined $9,000 for the hit.

Earning nearly $15 million this season, that $9,000 surely is going to hurt Sherman’s checkbook. On the other hand, he wasn’t called for a personal foul on the play. Rarely does a player get fined when when nothing illegal was called on the field. Then again, the officials Monday night had no real idea what they were doing.