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Report: NFL and NFLPA met for nine hours on Sunday

Vincent Frank
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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFLPA will soon have a union-wide vote on the collective bargaining agreement proposal the owners sent to them late last month.

While multiple star players have already indicated they are going to vote no, those in the rank and file are more open to a new deal. Agreeing to a 17th regular-season game for a higher percentage of the revenue and increased minimum salaries make sense for those players.

We have no idea if the NFLPA is going to vote yes on the proposal. However, the two sides did meet for nine hours on Sunday. This piece of information comes to us directly from NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero and is rather interesting.

Lawyers for both sides meeting as a way to go through the proposal seems to be a pretty darn good indication that it will pass.

The current CBA ends following the 2020 season. It’s obvious both sides want to get something done. For the NFL, it’s as much about potential record-breaking television contracts as anything else. The Presidential Election cycle is also something on their minds.

A new agreement would have to be finalized by March 18, the start of the league year, for it to impact the NFL’s 2020 offseason.