Report: NBA expansion to Seattle is on the table

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Should the city of Seattle find a way to erect a new state of the art basketball venue, the NBA would likely be quick to give it an expansion team.

A report coming from SB Nation’s Sonics Rising indicates that multiple sources view a return of the NBA to Seattle as inevitable should the city pass through that seemingly huge hurdle.

This arena issue has long a thorn in Seattle’s side. It forced the Seattle Sonics to Oklahoma City back in 2008 and has prevented the relocation of at least one NBA team to the Emerald City.

The NBA itself has a thirst for basketball in Seattle. And in reality, negotiations of a new collective bargaining agreement will likely include an expansion provision.

But until something gets done politically in Seattle itself, this is nothing more than a pipe dream.

It’s a crying shame, really. Seattle has proven itself capable of building new venues for the Seahawks and Mariners. It has the metropolitan area to host a NBA team. It has the fan base.

Much like everything in the United States today, it’s about political red tape. Should that tape be cut by the leaders in Seattle, we’re sure to see NBA basketball in the Pacific Northwest again here soon.