Report: Multiple Teams Have Reached Out to the Buccaneers Regarding the First Pick

Not too long ago, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would select former Heisman winner Jameis Winston with the first overall pick in this week’s NFL draft.

While that may still very well be the case, there are some suggestions out there that the brass in Tampa isn’t exactly sold on Winston’s character.

Potentially related to those suggestions, Yahoo Sports NFL insider Rand Getlin is reporting that multiple teams have reached out to the Buccaneers in order to gauge their interest in trading that first pick.

As Getlin later noted, this doesn’t mean that the Buccaneers are open to trading the first pick. Instead, they have only received phone calls.

It would be interesting to see who exactly has called Tampa Bay. If it’s another quarterback-needy team in the top 10, there’s no telling who the target would be between Winston and reigning Heisman winner Marcus Mariota.

Specifically, the Jets would be an intriguing trade-up option. Conjecture indicates their target would be Mariota, as they have been linked to him through the entire draft process. However, if Winston suddenly becomes a possibility, the Jets would then have to refer to their big board. The Jets have also made it clear that they plan on talking to teams about potentially trading up.

Other teams in the top 10 potentially looking at a quarterback include the Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears.

Then you have the possibility that teams calling the Buccaneers are not interested in selecting a quarterback should they acquire the first pick. USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams could be a target, especially considering he’s seen as the No. 1 non-quarterback prospect in the entire draft.

All this said, the Buccaneers would have to receive a rather lofty trade offer if they are to move down from one. They’d also likely have to get somewhat of a guarantee that either Winston or Mariota would be available with the pick they acquire.

In short, a trade is highly unlikely.

Photo: USA Today Sports