Report: Multiple people shot at Beverly Hills party thrown for NFL player

Crime scene tape
Tori Lynn Schneider/Tallahassee Democrat

Multiple people were shot at a Beverly Hills party on Tuesday morning, allegedly thrown to celebrate an NFL player for recently being drafted.

According to The Los Angeles Times, at least three people were shot during a party at a mansion in Los Angeles that was held despite the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issuing a ban on parties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multiple people shot at party held for unknown NFL player

Los Angeles police officers were called to a mansion following complaints about a large party going on at the property. The company that rents out the estate told the New York Post that they informed the renters any party would be a breach of the rental agreement and they would need to leave immediately.

Witnesses said around 20 gunshots could be heard after midnight at the home and multiple videos were posted on social media. Following the shooting, multiple victims were rushed to the hospital with two in critical condition and a third in grave condition.

A man who said he provided security for the party told reporters that it was held for an unidentified NFL player recently being drafted.

“We have money. We are people. This COVID, I mean, is just pushing us out everywhere, and we have nothing, so the only thing we do have is Airbnbs to rent swimming pools for our kids, to do big things and things of that nature,” security manager Kennie Leggett said, via New York Post.

The NFL has issued strict rules for players off-field behavior this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically listing attendance at parties with 15-plus people as “high-risk conduct.” If the league determines an NFL player was at the party, it could use this as a moment to emphasize its policies this season.

While it will be difficult for athletes to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings this season, the NFL is trying to avoid potential exposure to the coronavirus. As we’ve seen with MLB’s two COVID-19 outbreaks, all it takes is a few players going out for things to spiral out of control.