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Report: MLB will not make new proposal for 2020 season

Matt Johnson
MLB baseballs on display
Mar 9, 2020; Clearwater, Florida, USA; Major league baseballs sit atop the New York Yankees dugout during the third inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Spectrum Field. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Just when it looked like progress was being made for the 2020 MLB season, the saga between MLB owners and the MLB Players Association took another turn on Friday night.

Following the latest proposal from the players’ union for a 70-game season, a counter-offer to the league’s 60-game plan, MLB is apparently prepared to back out of negotiations once again.

MLB will not make counter-offer on 2020 MLB season

After vowing on June 10 that baseball would be played in 2020, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred backtracked a few days later. Then, just after expressing a lack of hope for MLB games being played this year, momentum seemed to be building towards a season.

MLB owners almost instantly rejected the 70-game proposal from the MLBPA, leaving many wondering what the league would counter. Instead, per The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, it looks like owners are done negotiating.

Following the latest setback in negotiations, perhaps the final straw, players are likely to call out MLB once again. When talks failed over the weekend, many players called on Manfred to exercise his authority and implement a shortened season.

If both sides are ending negotiations once more, then it will likely be a matter of time before Manfred submits his plan to the owners. Given some team owners are willing to shut down the season, even a shortened schedule might not be enough for MLB to return in 2020.

MLB Players Association responds to MLB’s decision

Following MLB’s notice that it will not submit a counter-offer, the players’ union released a statement on Friday night indicating players are committed to playing baseball as soon as possible. The MLBPA also confirmed MLB will not move past a 60-game schedule for the regular season.