Report: Michael Vick makes final payment on $17.6 million debt owed from bankruptcy

Michael Vick owed $17.6 million after filing for bankruptcy back in 2008, and now he can reportedly put the entire thing behind him.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Vick made a $1.5 million payment to creditors on Thursday, marking the final installment on that mammoth pile of debt. Per Rovell, the payment has been confirmed by¬†Joseph Luzinski, an executive at the management consultancy firm that was the liquidating trustee in Vick’s bankruptcy.

“Paying 99 cents on the dollar, which he did, is remarkable,” Luzinski said. “It happens in, maybe, one out of 100 cases.”

Vick owed all that money because he opted to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 7. He bet on himself to pay off the debt with future income, rather than liquidate his assets and not owe anything.

“I didn’t want to stiff people who never stiffed me,” Vick said in an interview with ESPN in 2014.

Vick ended up earning almost $50 million after being released from prison (dog fighting charges).

He last played in the NFL in 2015 with the Pittsburgh Steelers.