Report: Kyle Shanahan is a candidate for Jaguars’ job

Less than 24 hours after firing Gus Bradley, reports are already surfacing about who the Jacksonville Jaguars may peg as his replacement. Such is the nature of the beast in the fast-moving NFL world.

The team reportedly has current Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan among its candidates.

This most definitely isn’t a surprise. Shanahan promises to be a hot commodity on the coaching market following the season. He’s currently overseeing the league’s No. 1 ranked scoring offense and has played a major role in the emergence of Matt Ryan as a legitimate MVP candidate.

Though, there’s so much still to be decided in Jacksonville before the team can even come close to narrowing down its list. Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell indicated on Monday that there’s no requirement a new head coach stick with Blake Bortles as the starter (more on that here).

This could play a role in whether the Jags look for an offensive-minded head coach or once against goes back to the drawing board with a coach that specializes in defense.

The common belief around the Jaguars right now is that they’ll look for someone to help jumpstart Bortles’ career. If that’s the case, Shanahan has to be considered one of the top candidates.

Prior to his stint in Atlanta, Shanahan acted as the offensive coordinator for three different times, most recently the Cleveland Browns in 2014.

Shanahan’s stint with the Redskins from 2010-13 included the emergence and ultimate downfall of Robert Griffin III under center. Though, there’s some who will also credit him for the improvement Washington saw from Kirk Cousins behind the scenes during that span.