Josh McCown could return next week, Browns unsure of starter

By Michael Dixon

The Cleveland Browns’ quarterback position may be getting deeper in Week 6. Head coach Hue Jackson announced on Monday that Josh McCown will return to practice. He also stated that Cody Kessler, who was hurt in the Week 5 loss to the New England Patriots, could also be active.

Of course, the health of both players will be important in determining who plays.

But assuming both men are healthy, its hard to think that Kessler shouldn’t be the man under center.

With a pile of injuries and sitting at 0-5, Cleveland’s season could hardly be going any worse. With that said, Kessler has shown some spurts. He’s completed nearly 67 percent of his passes. And while the sample size is small, his two-to-one touchdown-to-interception ratio is the best on the team. Kessler also leads the Browns with an 87.9 passer rating.

More importantly, Kessler a rookie at only 23. He certainly has room to improve, and unlike McCown, has the time to do so.

Mind you, none of this is to say that Kessler is the quarterback of the future in Cleveland. But the man of the future is clearly not the 37-year-old Josh McCown.

If he is indeed healthy, the Browns have no reason to not give the 2016 season to Kessler to see how he grows. Sitting at 0-5, Cleveland is clearly not going to the playoffs. But if nothing else, more Kessler can let 2016 be a learning experience for the Browns.