Report: Jets offered Dont’a Hightower more than $12 million per season

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The New York Jets really want to wrest linebacker Dont’a Hightower away from the New England Patriots and have reportedly thrown some serious cash his way during contract negotiations to do it.

A report Wednesday morning seemed to indicate Hightower was close to making his choice and was heading back to the team that drafted him.

However, based on the information above, it’s not hard to understand why he’s seriously debating his options.

Hightower was in Pittsburgh on Tuesday visiting with the Steelers. And despite reports that there were some “positive vibes” coming out of Steelers headquarters during his visit it now appears Pittsburgh is out of the running based on an ultimatum it gave the linebacker before he left (more on that here).

The Patriots would obviously love to get Hightower back. But it’s hard to know if they’re willing to go as high as New York is reported to be going right now to retain him.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this situation as it continues to unfold.

One of the most highly coveted free agents this year, we know one thing for sure about Hightower: he’s about to rake in some serious green.