Report: Jay Gruden hasn’t been consulted about free agency moves

The Washington Redskins have made a couple of big splashes in free agency, but otherwise they’ve been quiet. And, according to one report, they have also kept head coach Jay Gruden in the dark about what’s going on.

Speaking on this topic during his radio show on 106.7 The Fan, Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies said Gruden hasn’t been consulted whatsoever about any of the moves Washington has made this offseason.

“I’m told he’s not being consulted on any of these moves, as of Friday. Now maybe that changed over the weekend, but I’m told he heard about the Landon Collins signing through the media. A guy in the media texted him.”

Bickel went on to say that Gruden is “super frustrated” that Washington’s president Bruce Allen is calling the shots without bothering to consult him. Additionally, he surmises that this means Gruden’s time with the franchise is coming to an end soon.

“It’s indicative, this is what happens when a coach is on their way out. They kind of get iced out of decisions,” said Bickel. “The organization is kind of planning without them. And barring a miracle, I think we all know this, it doesn’t take any insight, I think Jay will be gone at the end of this year.”

It’s never a good thing when the leadership within an organization is fractured.

However, this isn’t a new issue for this franchise. Washington has long been one of the NFL’s biggest dumpster fires because it is constantly dealing with this dynamic, with Allen being a key instigator.