Report: Jason Pierre-Paul Could Face Criminal Charges For Possession of Fireworks

By Rachel Wold

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul could be facing charges that include criminal possession of fireworks, according to the Coral Springs Police Department. Pierre-Paul burned his hand during a Fourth of July fireworks accident.

Most fireworks are illegal in Florida, which could lead to charges being filed.

The spokesman for the Broward County Sheriff Fire and Rescue had this to say about the state’s laws governing fireworks (via the Sun Sentinel):

“Anything that becomes airborne or explodes is illegal to use.”

Coral Springs public information officer, Captain Brad McKeon, said the police department wants “to gather the facts” on what specific fireworks Pierre-Paul had in his possession.

McKeon further reported that the police are not sure whether JPP had the fireworks in Coral Springs where it was believed he was earlier that evening. However, if it is discovered that Pierre-Paul was in possession of illegal fireworks in Coral Springs, he could face charges.

The Coral Springs Police Department has been in touch with authorities of several nearby cities. It is reported by their police department that the fireworks may have gone off at one of Pierre-Paul’s relative’s home’s in that same city.

Pierre-Paul remains in a Florida hospital where reportedly a team trainer plans to visit him on Tuesday to evaluate his condition. At this time, it is not known whether JPP will be ready to play once the regular season begins.

Possible legal troubles for pass rusher could further cloud his playing status come September. And any charges could lead to action by the NFL league office in New York City.

Photo: USA Today Sports