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Report: Jason Garrett still trying to convince Cowboys to keep him, even as Mike McCarthy stays an extra day in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys have done everything but officially announce that Jason Garrett is out as head coach as they interview other candidates, including Super Bowl winner Mike McCarthy.

However, even as the ‘Boys move forward with their coaching search, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports Garrett is still campaigning to remain in Dallas as the head coach.

Glazer said he’s “never seen anything like it,” noting the Cowboys have “gone through it now a couple of times this week to say, ‘Ok, you’re out as our head coach.'”

That hasn’t stopped Garrett, who reportedly has said, “Hold on! Hold on! Don’t do it yet. I still want to be considered for this.”

Per Glazer, the Cowboys have maintained that “We’re moving on, we’re starting to interview other people.”

Speaking of interviewing other people, the Cowboys had such a great interview with former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy that he’s staying in Dallas an extra day. Furthermore, Glazer reports the Cowboys are still looking at Mike Zimmer as an option if the Minnesota Vikings lose Sunday (Dallas is reportedly looking at trading for Zimmer).

Other candidates that the Cowboys are interested in include former Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis.

Garrett, meanwhile, apparently refuses to believe that Jerry Jones and Co. are truly ready to move on. And given the fact that the Cowboys refuse to make anything official, it’s hard to blame him.