Report: Jared Goff made bad impression on Browns during combine interview

By Michael Dixon

University of California’s Jared Goff will likely be a high pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, but he reportedly failed to impress in his pre-draft interview with the quarterback-needy Cleveland Browns.

To be fair, the could just be a rumor. Even if it’s not, it might just one bad meeting that he had with the Browns. But ESPN’s Josina Anderson’s response indicates that it’s not just a one-time issue, and that there is likely some fire underneath this smoke.

Without knowing exactly what the problems are, it’s difficult to understand what he’s doing that’s off-putting to people.

Reading between the lines, it’s easy to assume that the issue that Goff is either coming off as arrogant or immature. If either of those is the case, he certainly wouldn’t be the first 21-year-old to fit those descriptions. It could also be a case where the Browns wonder if he’s up to the task of leading an NFL locker room.

Whatever the case may be, it’s something that needs to be worked on but not necessarily a deal breaker. With that said, it’s got to be worked on fast. Being a little rough around the edges isn’t such a huge problem, but teams do need to know that it won’t be a long-term issue.

A quarterback being considered for a high pick (the Browns pick at No. 2) needs to instill a heck of a lot of confidence in those talking to him. Wherever he goes, Goff will not only be drafted as the quarterback of the future, but also the face of the franchise.

The Browns specifically are a team that would be understandably hesitant to draft a quarterback who might be putting off any bad vibes at all. They’re coming off of a badly failed experiment with Johnny Manziel, who was released on Friday.

While there’s nothing to really indicate that Jared Goff’s problems are on par with Manziel’s, this report is still troubling nonetheless.

Goff is a supremely talented passer, but if there’s anything behind these claims then he is getting his NFL career off on the wrong foot.