Report: Jameis Winston camp preparing for NFL suspension

By Jesse Reed

The NFL has been investigating Jameis Winston over allegations that he improperly groped a female Uber driver more than two years ago.

According to ESPN radio host Jeff Cameron, who is close to Winston and his camp, there is a growing expectation that the league will in fact suspend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback.

Cameron divulged this information on his radio show Wednesday, sharing some specific information, what Winston will be suspended due to “a failure to report.”

“This is what I do know: the Winston camp is prepared for the NFL to levy a suspension of some kind,” Cameron said (h/t Joe Bucs Fan). “The thought from the Winston camp is that would be a maximum of three games. I do not know at this time whether or not they plan to appeal, and I do not know that three games is an accurate number. I’ve been told that would seem to be the maximum number of games that the suspension could be. It’s also likely that it’s less than that and it’s one game.”

For what it’s worth, Winston has spoken out against these allegations, saying there is no truth to them whatsoever.

Whether he did or didn’t grope the female Uber driver doesn’t appear to be the NFL’s focus here, however. As we’ve seen in the past, most recently with Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL has its own rules about conduct that often have little to do with whether players were found to have broken the law.