Report: Hassan Whiteside will get less if Kevin Durant signs with Miami

By Jesse Reed
Robert Duyos, USA Today Sports

Hassan Whiteside could have gone to any number of contending NBA franchises this year, but he stuck with the Miami Heat. He also will take less money than his max, four-year deal worth $98 million if he gets what he wants.

Whiteside wants his Heat to land Kevin Durant.

“According to multiple sources,” writes Ethan J. Skolnick of the Miami Herald, “the Heat center agreed to take less than $98 million over four years on one condition — that it helps the Heat land Kevin Durant, with whom Riley and Micky Arison will meet in the Hamptons on Sunday. Durant has already met with the Thunder and Warriors, and is meeting with the Clippers, Celtics and Spurs before he meets with Miami.”

Skolnick is hearing Whiteside will get just under $10 million less over the course of the four-year deal if the Heat land Durant.

How, it’s worth noting that anything can happen in free agency. That said, it would be a huge shocker if Durant does choose Miami over the likes of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors (who think they have a great shot to land him) and San Antonio Spurs.

That said, perhaps Durant could be enticed to sign with the Heat if he thinks the east offers him the best shot at winning an NBA title, an elusive goal thus far in his career. Whiteside clearly thinks his team has a shot to land the most coveted free agent on the market this year. He’s bet quite a bit of money on the venture, and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.