Report: Giants only real suitors for Browns OT Joe Thomas

The Cleveland Browns may still trade future Hall of Fame tackle Joe Thomas between now and Tuesday’s deadline, but it appears that the list of potential suitors is down to one team.

At least, that’s what Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is reporting.

“The Giants are the only team still on the radar screen,” Florio wrote on Monday. “But even that is a long shot because the Giants don’t seem to be inclined to give the Browns the kind of offer they’d want.”

This appears to indicate that Thomas won’t be traded before the deadline.

Leading up to this week, there have been conflicting reports about the Browns’ willingness to move Thomas. One report suggested that the team’s brass wants to capitalize on the value he might be able to bring in a potential deal.

Though, other indications are that the winless Browns would rather hold on to their franchise left tackle.

This all comes amid suggestions from at least one former high-ranking NFL executive that the league should step in should Cleveland decide to move Thomas.

At 0-8 on the season, it makes sense that the Browns might want to look to the future here. Though, trading one of the best left tackles in the history of the game could impact the team’s ability to help a young quarterback grow under center.

All this comes on the heels of Cleveland sending a third-round pick to the New England Patriots for Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins (more on that here).

At the very least, we know the team is active leading up to Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Whether that means Thomas will be moved to the Giants, who are in need of a left tackle, remains to be seen. Though, all signs point to that not happening.