Report: Giants expect Eli Manning to play 2-3 more years

The New York Giants better find Eli Manning’s replacement soon, because the franchise reportedly doesn’t believe he has many years left to play.

Bob Glauber spoke with the folks at PFT Live, per Mike Florio, and divulged the following information:

“…the Giants believe the 36-year-old Manning has two or three quality years left. Glauber also pointed out that the team already has begun to detect a decline in Eli’s performance.”

This isn’t a stunning revelation, but it does put some serious pressure on the Giants to do a couple things.

First, the Giants have a small window to win another championship with Manning, who has brought two Lombardi Trophies back to the Big Apple. The team has been extremely aggressive signing defensive free agents to take advantage of this window of opportunity, which is why the team’s failure in Green Bay this January was so crushing.

Secondly, the Giants absolutely must take a legitimate stab at landing Manning’s successor. Ryan Nassib isn’t it, nor is anyone else on New York’s roster. Failing to bring in a true candidate to take over when Manning is gone will result in a precipitous fall for the franchise.

Manning can still sling it anywhere on the field when he has protection, though his accuracy is, as always, a bit spotty at times. He managed to put up 4,000-plus yards for the third year in a row last season, though his 26 touchdowns was down from the previous two years.

The Giants would be smart to invest in some more offensive line help to keep Manning upright in his final years, not to mention bring in a running back who can carry the load. Do these things, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Manning lead Big Blue to the promised land once more before he retires.