Report: Detroit Pistons looking into relocation

The Detroit Pistons are potentially looking into the possibility of relocating from its current venue. This all comes on the heels of continued issues with erecting a new arena in the greater Detroit area. The Pistons themselves are prepared to join the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL team’s new downtown arena, set to open in 2018 (via Fox 2 Detroit).

Currently, the Pistons play in a suburb of Detroit called Auburn Hills in Oakland County. A relocation to Detroit would likely be a financial boon for the downtrodden city.

The primary issue here has been attempting to get a new venue erected near their current location. Local officials have pushed back on the idea of purchasing the Palace at Auburn Hills, where the Pistons currently play, for $380-plus million. The idea there would be to purchase the venue and then lease it back to the Pistons.

Economic issues have been longstanding in the Detroit area. This is by now well known. It could also very well impact the Pistons’ ability to get a new venue built. In this, a potential relocation out of the metropolitan area and the entire state of Michigan could be a possibility.

Pure conjecture here, but all this comes on the heels of the city of Las Vegas throwing its hat in the ring when it comes to a potential destination for a current NBA team (more on that here).

Las Vegas is already set to host a NHL team next season and is on the very of potentially landing the NFL’s Oakland Raiders. In addition to this, the desert metropolis has a state-of-the-art basketball venue in downtown that could play host to the Pistons. It’s definitely something worth monitoring.