Derek Carr could be first $25 million a year QB

Michael Dixon
Derek Carr

Derek Carr is one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. Soon, the Oakland Raiders signal caller may have a record contract to back that up.

Ian Rapoport spoke on the NFL Network on Friday and noted that Carr is in line to possibly be the first quarterback to make $25 million annually.

“If you look at where this may come in, it is very possible that Derek Carr could be the first $25 million quarterback. More than, say, Andrew Luck; more than really anyone at this point, and the benchmark of where all quarterbacks want to get to. And of course, Carr has been very clear that he wants to be a member of the Raiders for his entire career. They have made no bones about how highly they think of him in their franchise.”

Rapoport also noted that the timing is crucial on getting an extension done. He stated that if the two sides wait until later in the summer, a potential deal between Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins could reset the market and essentially bring both sides back to square one.

Carr has expressed confidence that an extension will be signed before training camp. Carr has also stated that if something doesn’t happen, he will play out his rookie contract so there are no distractions.