Report: Coaches starting to see Broncos as ‘death trap’

The Denver Broncos entered the 2017 with five consecutive winnings seasons, but the journey hasn’t been painless. People around the league are starting to recognize it.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report said coaches are beginning to see the Broncos as a “death trap” and consider John Elway a “coach-killer.”

It’s not at all surprising that the feeling has shifted this direction.

Following the 2014 campaign, Denver moved on from John Fox despite winning four straight AFC West titles and compiling a 46-18 regular-season record under him. The main reason was difference of opinion between Fox and Elway.

And this year, the team has already fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. The future of first-year Vance Joseph is also a question, considering the apparent dysfunction combined with the Broncos’ 3-7 record that includes an ongoing six-game losing streak.

One continuous problem is how Elway has handled the quarterback situation over the last few years. Everybody knew Peyton Manning was nearing the end of his career, yet Elway only drafted Trevor Siemian, seemingly whiffed on Paxton Lynch and re-signed Brock Osweiler, who was horrible with the Texans.

Even though a stellar defense has buoyed the team in recent seasons, that’s not a winning situation for any coach. Now that the defense is struggling a bit in 2017, the issues have been completely exposed.

And if NFL people think Denver is a volatile place to work, perhaps they feel the mess won’t be cleaned up until Elway, the coach-killer, is gone.