Report: Cam Newton free agency a ‘murky situation’ because teams cannot evaluate his health

Cam Newton trade
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton is a free agent, but it’s pretty much crickets when it comes to his free agency options due to the NFL being mostly shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recently did a deep dive into Newton’s dwindling options, and the conclusion is there aren’t many spots left for the former NFL MVP.

On that note, Jay Glazer of The Athletic highlighted the biggest issue Newton faces right now answering a question in his mailbag Monday.

Glazer wrote: “Again, I keep saying this about Newton: There’s only so much you can do on video and FaceTime with him. Teams are going to want to see his foot and his shoulder in person.”

NFL teams cannot bring Newton in for a physical, and NFL doctors have put a hold on any physicals until the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a national crisis.

“We’re in uncertain times,” Glazer wrote. “Anyone coming off an injury, even guys who are ‘signed’ or who ‘agreed’ to terms, those things can be ‘not completed’ if they don’t pass a physical that the team deems serviceable. Even if an independent doctor clears someone, doctors are subjective. It may not suffice for the team doctor’s threshold. It’s a murky situation.”

With this in mind, it could be some months before Newton finds a new team. That being said, there is one team that seems to be the perfect fit.