Report: Browns open to giving Terrelle Pryor franchise tag

Coming off his first full season as a wide receiver in the NFL, former quarterback Terrelle Pryor promises to be an attractive free-agent option to many teams out there.

Despite having to deal with one of the most-absurdly bad quarterback situations in recent league history, Pryor put up an excellent 2016 campaign. He caught 77 passes for over 1,000 yards and four touchdowns. It really was a shocking display for someone who had attempted to make it in the NFL as a quarterback before switching positions.

Fresh off signing Jamie Collins to a four-year contract, the Cleveland Browns have surely taken note of Pryor. They have taken note of his performance and the fact that he’ll be a wanted man on the open market.

In this, it’s not too surprising that the Browns are reportedly seriously considering placing the franchise tag on Pryor.

If signed, the tag itself would guarantee Pryor north of $12 million next season. As La Canfora noted, it would be pretty pointless for Pryor to now sign an extension before the new league year starts. Not too shabby for someone who many figured would be out of the NFL at this point.