Report: Browns never wanted to draft a QB

By Jesse Reed

Despite everything you’ve heard to the contrary, ESPN’s Adam Schefter dropped a nuke on the notion that the Cleveland Browns wanted to draft a quarterback this year.

Speaking on the “Ross Tucker Football Podcast,” Schefter said:

“Even before this trade was made, I [understood] that Cleveland was not going quarterback. And that was my firm and distinct impression and intel. Now if that is accurate then this trade is a good thing for Cleveland. Now Cleveland’s sitting in this second hole. And if any other team wants a quarterback — and there are teams that want the quarterback — they have to come to Cleveland. And Cleveland gets to name the price. So to me, I think the trade added to Cleveland’s leverage. Because I don’t think Cleveland intended to take a quarterback at the two hole.”

The trade Schefter is referring to here is the Los Angeles Rams’ successful bid to move from No. 15 up to No. 1. They’ve been linked to both Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, whom they’re currently hosting while Goff visits with the San Francisco 49ers.

Schefter also mentioned the Browns as not wanting to bring in a rookie this year because he could have his confidence “trampled” playing on a team with a depleted roster.

Smokescreens and mirrors, folks. Smokescreens and mirrors. The 2016 NFL Draft is peeking at us from around the corner, so it’s not surprising that rumors are flying out of the media like hotcakes at your local Denny’s.

Then again, perhaps things are just so different this year with the new “moneyball” personnel guys at the top of the organization that this idea actually has some merit. After all, they had no issue at all with letting the top free agents walk out the door and even reportedly scared away free agents during the first rush in early March.

But on a different note, if what Schefter is hearing about a rookie not getting his confidence stomped, what in the world was Cleveland thinking bringing in Robert Griffin III?

After all, it’s not like that guy is just bursting with confidence these days after his humbling experience with Washington. He’s just as apt to get pummeled, and perhaps even more so, given his proclivity for not feeling the rush.

The one constant we’re hearing these days that you can take to the bank is that Cleveland is “open” to moving the No. 2 overall pick. With many holes to fill, the Browns aren’t NOT going to see what they can land for that pick, especially in a draft that doesn’t feature a sure thing at the quarterback position.