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Report: Browns fire offensive coordinator Todd Haley

Vincent Frank
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns’ decision to fire head coach Hue Jackson on Monday can’t be considered too much of a surprise. Here’s a guy that won a grand total of three of his 40 games as the team’s top dog. It had been a long time coming, especially for fans in Ohio and the long-downtrodden organization.

The bigger surprise here is that Cleveland has now also reportedly fired offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Haley, who had been in a rift with Jackson leading up to the firings on Monday, was seen by many as the head coach in waiting. That’s obviously no longer the case.

One suggestion here is that Haley had acted in a insubordinate manner as it relates to Jackson in recent weeks.

No matter the front office’s feelings surrounding Jackson, this wasn’t going to fly with the brass in Cleveland.

Following the firing of Jackson, reports surfaced that rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield was a happy man. There’s no word yet on whether he shares the same feelings after his offensive coordinator got his walking papers on Monday.

Fun times in Cleveland, indeed.