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Report: Browns could take Josh Allen instead of Sam Darnold

Josh Allen is one of the riskiest players in the 2018 NFL draft

Less than a week after reports emerged that Sam Darnold was locked in as the No. 1 overall pick for the Cleveland Browns, another report has emerged indicating Josh Allen could be the guy instead.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Browns are down to Darnold and Allen for this pick.

Interestingly, the Allen-to-Browns rumors have been going on for far longer than the more recent idea that Darnold was the guy — an idea Browns fans weren’t exactly excited about.

Both young quarterbacks could use time on the bench watching the game before being thrown into the mix. But of the two, it’s clear that Allen is more raw and therefore more of a risk. While his upside is incredible (his arm is out of this world), he is also wildly inaccurate and struggles to make sound decisions under pressure.

So it really boils down to whether the Browns are willing to take a gamble on the quarterback with possibly the highest ceiling in years or roll with a more proven, apparently safer prospect in Darnold.