Report: Broncos won’t consider trading Von Miller

By Vincent Frank

The entire Von Miller drama with the Denver Broncos could be coming to a head here in the next few days. With a firm deadline set for Friday for the two sides to come to terms on a long-term contract, something will happen here soon.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP reiterated recently a previous stance that he will not play the 2016 season under the franchise tag tender that would pay him $14.26 million.

This has led some to believe that a hold out into the 2016 season, and potentially lasting throughout the year, could be in the cards.

Miller didn’t do much to quiet this talk with comments on Monday suggesting that he can use this current contract issue to help fix the league’s franchise tag problem (h/t Pro Football Talk).

Despite the two sides being far apart in terms of guaranteed money, a recent report from Mike Klis of 9News in Denver suggests the Broncos are not looking into the idea of trading their star linebacker.

“Although trading away Von Miller might be the Denver Broncos’ best backup option as the deadline approaches,it appears the team is focusing solely on working out a long-term deal with their Super Bowl 50 MVP,” the Broncos beat writer reported.

That’s not necessarily too surprising. Why would the Broncos even consider trading their team leader and the reigning Super Bowl MVP? Surely, he can’t afford to sit out the entire 2016 season.

Though, the issue here is two-fold.

Miller wants three full years of guarantees while the Broncos have upped their offer to some sort of partial guarantee for that third season.

Secondly, if Miller were to sign the franchise tag tender, there’s nothing that limits the Broncos from placing that same designation on him next March — a fact that would prolong this contract stalemate.

Miller doesn’t necessarily have much of a reason to take a below-market deal here.

While he’s not in a position of strength due to the franchise tag structure in the current collective bargaining agreement, he’s not going to sit back and take pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile, everyone knows just how important Miller is to the Broncos’ defense.

If Miller wants to continue playing hardball, the smart thing to do would be to call the Broncos’ bluff between now and Friday’s deadline.

After that, he won’t have much ground to stand on with the possibility of a long-term deal being thrown out the window.