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Report: Broncos have discussed giving up first-round pick in Colin Kaepernick deal

Vincent Frank
Colin Kaepernick

There should be some sort of resolution regarding the Denver Broncos quarterback situation before the three-day 2016 NFL draft concludes on Saturday.

Whether that’s Denver selecting a quarterback with the 31st pick or trading for a veteran still remains to be seen.

What we do know is that Mark Sanchez will have someone competing with him for the starting job.

Linked to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick over the past couple months, it does appear that dialogue remains open between the two sides heading into the draft Thursday night.

Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole is reporting that Denver and San Francisco have discussed a deal that would include the Broncos sending their first-round pick to Northern California for Kaepernick.

Don’t freak out just yet, Broncos fans.

That same deal would send San Francisco’s second-round pick (37th overall) to Denver.

“There’s a possible trade up involving the 49ers going into the end of the first round, specifically with the Denver Broncos, who select at No. 31 overall,” Cole reported. “The rumor that has circulated around the league is that the 49ers would trade their second-round pick, which is at the top of the round, to the Broncos for the 31st pick. That would allow the 49ers to take Connor Cook.”

This seems like a logical conclusion to what has been a drawn-out process for both sides.

Unfortunately, none of this changes the big issue holding up a potential trade.

Denver wants to pay Kaepernick $7 million annually over the course of the next two seasons on a restructured deal.

It’s something that the much-maligned quarterback has balked at. Short of one of those two sides conceding on this rather major split or San Francisco taking on some of the cap hit, a deal on this front remains unlikely.

Though, none of this means that Kaepernick will be donning the red and gold by the time the draft concludes this weekend. There are reportedly other teams interest in his services, which indicates something could get done on another front during the draft.