Report: Bill Belichick could bolt to Giants, ‘sees an opening’

Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots hasn't discussed a Malcolm Butler trade with the Saints yet

There’s a heck of a lot of crap being flung around about the New England Patriots right now, and one report indicates Bill Belichick might use this opportunity to jump ship. Specifically, Belichick reportedly “sees an opening” with the New York Giants, wants to coach there and is thinking about making the leap.

“I’m sure Bill knows this is his last chance to be the Giants coach,” a source close to Belichick said Friday, per Gary Meyers of the New York Daily News. “Bill sees an opening – an opening to get to the Giants.”

Per Meyers, the source isn’t sure if Belichick will leave but said, “The Giants are the only place he wants to be.”

It’s a particularly interesting time for this rumor to emerge. After all, the Giants just got done interviewing two Patriots assistants — defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels — for their head coaching vacancy on Friday. It would be incredibly strange for Belichick, who’s about to attempt winning his sixth Super Bowl with the Patriots in less than two decades, would pull the run out from under his assistants.

Still, the source for this report was adamant Belichick “wants to be the Giants coach.”

“He wants to be the Giants coach. I know that for a fact,” the source said. “That would be pretty cool. My guess is if he wants out, the Giants already know. He would be great with Gettleman. Bill is a football guy. Gettleman is a football guy.”

This seems a bit too crazy for me to believe, but given the way Jon Gruden reportedly reeled in a $100 million contract to coach the Oakland Raiders perhaps nothing should surprise me any more.

For now, it’s all just smoke. As we mentioned, the Patriots are about to attempt winning a Super Bowl. With Belichick firmly in place. So until there’s any fire, this all feels like one big smokescreen.