Report: Big Ten expected to release 10-game conference schedule on Tuesday

Big Ten conference logo in Indianapolis
Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar

The Big Ten became the first Power 5 conference to move to a conference-only schedule for the 2020 season. With college football season fast approaching, the Big Ten is reportedly set to release its schedule on Tuesday.

Amid growing concerns about playing football during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Big Ten altered its plans for the upcoming football season by focusing on conference-only play this year. With the plan now finalized, college football fans can look forward to Tuesday’s schedule release.

Big Ten to release 2020 college football schedule on Tuesday

Following the decision in July, the Big 10 will use a 10-game conference schedule exclusively for the 2020 college football season. However, the move required adjustment given teams were scheduled to play just nine conference opponents under the original schedule.

Fortunately, conference officials and college athletic directors found a solution. According to AI.com’s John Talty, the Big Ten is expected to release its 2020 college football schedule on Tuesday.

Several of the conference’s top programs lost out on marquee games this year because of the move. Notably, Ohio State lost its matchup against Oregon, the Michigan Wolverines dropped their matchup against Washington and Wisconsin canceled its clash against Notre Dame.

While losing out on high-profile games is a disappointment, there should still be enough competitive games for a Big 10 team to prove it deserves a spot in the College Football Playoff this year.