Report: Arian Foster ‘probably a week or two’ from passing physical

Courtesy of Logan Bowles, USA Today Sports

Free agent running back Arian Foster was once the NFL’s undisputed king of the hill. This spring he’s unemployed after a series of injuries over the years and a big salary forced him out of Houston. Given his history, there is a good chance he’ll be signed soon after he’s ready to prove he has regained his full health, which could come soon.

Foster, now at the age of 29, hasn’t exactly aged well. He has missed 19 games the past three seasons due to lower-body injuries and missed all but four games last season due to an Achilles tear. It remains to be seen if he’ll regain his explosiveness. Many players who have recently experienced the same injury have come back strong, thanks to the marvels of modern medicine.

That he’s missed so much time isn’t due to any fault of Foster’s. The Houston Texans ran him into the ground from 2010-12, foreshadowing an inevitable decline. During that three-year stretch, Foster touched the ball 1,115 times, averaging over 371 touches per season. Historically, running backs who are utilized this much don’t last.

Still, Foster has the talent — if healthy — to become an integral part of an offense, provided the right opportunity.

Immediately the New England Patriots spring to mind, as they do whenever we’re talking running backs. Other teams that might be interested in acquiring the veteran back include the Miami Dolphins, who were looking at him early in the process, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions.