Report: Aaron Hernandez Lawyers to Argue for Dismissal in Murder Case

According to a report by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss all charges against Hernandez in the death of Odin Lloyd. 

Lawyers representing Aaron Hernandez will appear in front of Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh next week to ask that murder and firearm indictments related to the homicide of Odin Lloyd be dismissed.

The motion will declare that there is no forensic evidence linking Hernandez to Lloyd’s murder. They also plan on bringing up the lack of a motive and the fact that there is no eyewitness testimony.

This may very well be a shot in the dark for the Hernandez team, but it’s still newsworthy nonetheless. In the off chance that charges are dropped, Hernandez still faces a double-murder charge stemming from a 2012 homicide in Boston.

Photo: Business Insider