Report: 49ers could be interested in Robert Griffin III

Depending on what happens with disgruntled quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Chip Kelly and the San Francisco 49ers could be in on Robert Griffin III, Ed Werder of reported Tuesday on ESPN.

Whereas many of the rumors flying around these days make questionable sense, this one seems like a win-win for all parties involved.

If the 49ers can unload Kaepernick to a team interested in his services, then he’s happy and the team isn’t dealing with a quarterback who doesn’t want to be on the roster. As many know, Kaepernick’s agents requested permission to seek a trade recently. And while San Francisco has repeatedly insisted it wants Kap to remain the organization would be foolish to ignore him on this.

Griffin III has special needs as a quarterback if he’s going to succeed in the NFL. While his talents are many, reading NFL defenses in the pocket isn’t one of them. He needs to be in an offense where his threat to run is always on the table, and he needs an offense in which he isn’t asked to make too many difficult decisions.

This fits perfectly with what Kelly provides his quarterbacks, and to be honest RG3 likely fits this offense better than Kaepernick does. Kelly’s passing attack is predicated on quick-hitting slant patterns, quick screens and intermediate strikes in the middle of the field — all of which RG3 is proficient in and all of which Kap has struggled with over his career.

There are some moving parts here, and there will be plenty of other teams interested in acquiring Griffin III, but he couldn’t ask for a better landing spot than with Kelly and the 49ers in 2016.