Report: 2020 Pro Bowl still scheduled to be played

By Matt Johnson
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

While there might be plenty of changes coming for the 2020 NFL season, eliminating the 2020 Pro Bowl likely won’t be one of them.

While the NFL and NFL Players Association are finding ways to save the league money this season, players can look forward to the 2020 Pro Bowl and the pay that comes with it.

2020 Pro Bowl still scheduled for upcoming season

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported Saturday that the players’ union agreed to eliminate Pro Bowl payments for this season as part of a concession for the economic agreement with the league.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the situation seems to be a little more complicated. The NFL still plans to hold the 2020 Pro Bowl this season and players would be rewarded financially if the game is held.

There is obviously a risk that the league will be forced to cancel the Pro Bowl this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the 2020 NFL season is expected to start on time, there are far greater concerns regarding the regular season and playoffs being finished.

The Pro Bowl is the most expendable event on the NFL calendar and the league already proved its willingness to cut games, eliminating the entire preseason.

Typically, players on the winning team in the Pro Bowl would receive a $74,000 bonus, while members of the losing team would receive $34,000. Even eliminating that might only save the NFL $5 million this year.

Given the risks of playing amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the reduced pay, we’ll likely see far more players skip the Pro Bowl this year. If enough players sit out, the NFL could even decide to eliminate the game entirely.