Report: 10 Guns Seized from Greg Hardy Will Be Sold or Auctioned

By Rachel Wold

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy had 10 guns seized last year stemming from a domestic violence¬†incident. Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s department spokesman Rob Brisley reports that the guns will either be sold or auctioned off at a future date.

Brisley indicated that the weapons were relinquished following a letter Hardy’s lawyer sent to the sheriff’s office on February 25th.

Hardy was convicted last July on two counts of domestic abuse while he was with the Carolina Panthers. However, the charges were eventually dismissed on appeal when the accuser did not show up for Hardy’s second trial.

Earlier this year, Hardy was signed by the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately after the signing, Hardy was handed a 10-game suspension from the NFL.

Ten guns and 10 games seems a bit ironic.

Photo: USA Today Sports