Refs completely botch catch and fumble because official picked up the ball

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A really strange play took place at the end of the second quarter in Sunday’s wild-card matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears.

Not surprisingly, as we’ve seen so many times this year, NFL refs had a lot to do with this, botching things completely.

Anthony Miller caught a deep pass from Mitchell Trubisky. Only, on his way down to the turf, cornerback Cre’Von LeBlanc got his arm in between the ball and his arm, ripping the ball out right before Miller’s knee hit the ground.

What we have here is a clear catch, and a clear fumble.


The replay clearly showed both of these actions. Miller had about five steps with the ball in his possession. Only, nobody recovered the ball because an official did. As such, after the official review, the refs determined that there was “no clear recovery.”


By rule, they did make the correct call.

Because they picked the ball up.


It’s hard to screw things up this bad, this consistently. But NFL refs almost seem to have a quota, and they’re certainly meeting it right now.

And people on Twitter are getting really tired of it.