Reddit users hilariously sum up college football seasons in .gif form

NFL fans, Joe Mixon

Leave it up to the Reddit community to gift us with visions of happiness, disparity and humiliation on an endless loop.

The folks at @RedditCFB put together a series of terrific user posts, as college football fans described their favorite teams’ seasons summed up in one .gif.

These are some of our favorites, along with some context.


There isn’t a hotter team in the nation right now than Oklahoma, which surged into the College Football Playoff with a seven-game winning streak — taking down the top teams in the Big 12 like they were nothing in the process — to finish 11-1.

Now, because the Big 12 doesn’t have a championship game like the rest of the top conferences, the Sooners get to sit back and watch the melee unfold this weekend.


A team that couldn’t finish games, Tennessee treated its fans to far too many experiences just like this on its way to a disappointing 8-4 season.

Notre Dame

So close, Irish. So close.

Notre Dame (10-2) just had to beat Stanford in its final game of the season to have a really good chance of making it into the playoff, but a career-best performance by Cardinal quarterback Kevin Hogan kept them out at the last second.


The first one they shared was pretty funny, too. Essentially, this team has skated through the Big Ten, beating a few contenders along the way, and has found a way to stay undefeated heading into the conference championship game against Michigan State while remaining below the national radar.


It’s going to be so awesome…imagine the possibilities!!! Oh, crap.

If the Gators (10-2) had somehow been able to figure out a way to beat Florida State at the end of the year and then somehow figure out a way to shut down Alabama in the championship game…

It could have been so glorious. With one loss, Florida had an outside chance of sneaking into the playoff. Unfortunately, when they needed to finish strong, the Gators fell flat on their face.


This Virginia fan’s loss of bodily function when Notre Dame scored to go ahead in Week 2, late in the game, ended up becoming symbolic of the entire season. The Cavaliers ended up winning just four games.

Georgia Tech

We’ll leave you with this entertaining nugget of awesomeness.

The worst team in the ACC, Georgia Tech (3-9) managed to make a habit out crash landings.