Red Sox call out racism at Fenway Park: ‘This is real’

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Former Major League Baseball All-Star Torii Hunter made some news earlier this week when he went in-depth calling out racism at Boston’s Fenway Park.

Hunter’s claims come following the murder of George Floyd by a then-Minneapolis police officer back on May 25. They also come with the sports world and broader United States divided to an extent on racial lines.

Torii Hunter’s racism claims

“When I went to Boston it was so consistent,” Hunter told WEEI on Tuesday. “It has nothing to do with the Red Sox. It has nothing to do with the players. It has nothing to do with the organization. It really has nothing to do with the fans. But that’s the issue when you hear that.”

Hunter, who played in the bigs from 1997-2015, also indicated that he remembers hearing the “N-word” on a consistent basis when in Boston.

Red Sox admit racism at Fenway Park

In a stunning response to Hunter’s claim, the Red Sox issued a statement admitting seven known instances in which racial slurs were used last season alone. The team expanded on it, too.

“The small group of fans does represent who we are, but are rather the reflection of larger systemic issues that as an organization we need to address.”

What an astonishing statement for a MLB team to make.

This all comes on the heels of a renewed push for racial equality in the United States following the events of the past two-plus weeks. Protesters have taken to every major city in the country protesting police brutality, Boston included.

It also comes with others around the sports world changing their ways as a way to help atone for the mistakes of the past.

That’s apparently no more prevalent than in Boston right now.