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Ravens receive $200,000 fine for Coach-to-Player Communications policy violation

The NFL leveled a fine against the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday for violations of the Coach-to-Player Communications Policy in the preseason.

Ian Rapoport reported that Baltimore had multiple players on the field with helmets equipped to communicate with the coaches. As such, the Ravens were fined $200,000

The Ravens issued a statement, noting that they did not know the rule applied in the preseason.

Rapoport also noted that Baltimore had previously received and offseason fine and lost OTA practices.

It is plausible that the staff didn’t know the rule applied to the preseason. That said, this certainly isn’t good for the Ravens. A case could be made that these sanctions won’t make a big difference on the field. But looking at the bigger picture, all of this has happening points to a franchise that seems to be operating in chaos.

If nothing else, Baltimore could certainly use more attention to detail.