Justin Tucker: PATs aren’t much different than 75-yarders

Justin Tucker
Courtesy of USA Today Images

The Baltimore Ravens have a fantastic kicker in Justin Tucker. When you have talent like his, things that are impossible for most come rather easy.

But that is still not going to stop us from hitting the pause button on his recent comment about 75-yad field goals and PATs.

“I’ve never attempted a 75-yarder in a game, but should the opportunity arise, not a whole lot would be different between a 75-yard attempt and a PAT,” Tucker told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Late Hits of SiriusXM Radio.

Crazy, right? To be fair, he did go on to explain that he meant. His approach to attempting one would be no different than the other. He also said that the trajectory wouldn’t necessarily be as low as people may think. As long as the kick makes it past the first six to eight yards, the trajectory is not an issue.

It’s a nice thing to say, but let’s be real. Tucker — the NFL’s career leader in field-goal percentage — has made 75-yard field goals in practice. But no coach will allow him to attempt one in a game. They will not want to be the guy that lost a game because he allowed his kicker to attempt a ridiculous kick that was returned for a touchdown.