Ravens invite young fan to become first ever to announce draft pick in Braille


As we all know, the NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 25 and will continue through Saturday. On Saturday, something very special is going to happen for a young Baltimore Ravens’ fan.

The Ravens are going to have their friend Mo announce their fourth-round draft pick in Braille.

This is pretty darn cool. Mo’s reaction is priceless when he receives a call while at school to talk to none other than Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

Even more special was how excited Mo was when Harbaugh said they are going to ask him to announce the team’s fourth-round pick at the Ravens’ draft fest.

This is officially the start of Mo’s sports broadcast career, and he is so excited. His reaction of “whoa!!!” when told he would be the first person ever to read a draft pick off of a Braille card sent chills our way.

For those who want to follow Mo’s adventures, the Ravens will be sending a car to pick him and his mother up to give them the red carpet treatment.

What an awesome story and also one that Mo will never forget.