Ravens address attack that landed fan in critical condition

By Jesse Reed

A Baltimore Ravens fan, Joseph Bauer, was attacked by two Oakland Raiders fans Sunday and is still in critical condition, fighting for his life a day later.

Bauer is a former U.S. Marine who is a season ticket holder at M&T Bank Stadium for Ravens home games.

On Monday, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh addressed the tragic altercation, which he said was “absolutely inexcusable.”

“Whatever security has to be out there, whatever has to be done, will be done,” Harbaugh said Monday, via Tim Prudente of the Baltimore Sun. “This is just not what we’re about, and we’re not going to have it at M&T Bank Stadium.

“Here’s a man and a family that have been longtime season ticket holders, that know the people here that work in the building, that love the Ravens and have been to countless numbers of games at M&T Bank Stadium without incident,” Harbaugh said. “Then all of a sudden, there’s an incident where a gentleman is assaulted by somebody. That’s just not what we’re about. We’re a family. It’s a family atmosphere.”

Bauer remains hospitalized in critical condition with a severe brain injury that has his family reeling.

“We’re clinging to hope,” said Susan Bauer, his sister. “He’s still not responsive and not awake, and we don’t know the extent of his brain damage. The doctors said it was consistent with a major stroke.”

Details of the fight that sent Bauer to the hospital were unavailable on Sunday but emerged Monday, via the official police charging documents obtained by the Baltimore Sun.

“Scott Smith, 30, of Mount Vernon, N.Y., and Andrew Nappi, 31, of Eastchester, N.Y., were each charged with first- and second-degree assault. … Both were released after posting bond: $50,000 for Smith and $25,000 for Nappi.”

The details of the argument that started the fight are still unclear. But what is known is that Bauer was struck in the head by a bottle, punched in the face by Nappi and hit his head on the ground so hard he went unconscious.

“We’re just left in shock that something this stupid could happen, and so senseless,” Susan Bauer said. “I don’t know who these people are. I don’t know why this happened. I just hope they realize they have altered all of our lives beyond anything that we could have imagined.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bauer and his family during this difficult time.