Rams DT Michael Brockers knocks Seahawks, Russell Wilson

Days after literally slamming Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers took the time to slam them in an interview with PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio.

Brockers detailed how he knew the Seahawks were going to run with Marshawn Lynch on the final play of the game in Week 1, based on tendencies and things he caught on tape studying his opponent. This, by itself, is noteworthy, because if Seattle’s offense is offering “tells” to opposing defenses, then negative plays are sure to continue in the weeks to come.

However, Brockers had much more to say about Seattle’s offense, and in particular, the team’s “makeshift” offensive line.

“It’s very makeshift,” Brockers said.  “You have a lot of guys who aren’t playing positions they they started when they came into the league. …and when you got things like that, you know, you got great defensive linemen I feel like we have, you have to take advantage of that. And we came out got six sacks and we got a lot of pressure on Wilson.”

Now, the defensive line St. Louis features is one of the league’s best, of that there is no doubt. That said, considering the excessive woes on the offensive line for the Seahawks this preseason, and based on the way the Rams were able to abuse this unit all game long in Week 1, there is no doubt Seattle’s offense is in trouble.

Brockers wasn’t finished with his analysis of the faltering Seahawks offense, either. Next, he took direct aim at the quarterback.

“We tried to make them one dimensional,” Brockers said. “You try to take away the run game and make them pass and they played right into our hands.”

Shots. Fired.

Looking at Wilson’s stats in Week 1, the numbers aren’t that bad on the surface. He completed 78 percent of his passes but mostly was held in check, passing for just 251 yards on 41 attempts. He threw a touchdown and an interception and was sacked six times, as mentioned by Brockers. But there is no doubt the Rams had his number all game long. He looked uncomfortable and didn’t get into much of a rhythm, despite his high completion rate.

Wilson just signed a massive contract extension this offseason and now is one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL on an annual basis. Many people have slammed the Seahawks for doling out elite-status money to a quarterback who they feel isn’t worthy of such a designation.

Seattle’s offense has been run-first throughout Wilson’s tenure, and most of the big plays he has made in the passing game have come off play-action. The real MVP of the Seahawks is Marshawn Lynch, who is still one of the best — if not the best — running backs in the league.

Apparently, we can now count Brockers among those who think Wilson isn’t a franchise passer who can carry his team to victory.

This will be an interesting story to pin for later when the Seahawks host the Rams in Week 16 at CenturyLink Field with the roar of Seattle’s famed “12s” shaking the ground for 60 minutes.