Raiders to play a game in Canada this preseason?

By Jesse Reed

The NFL world has gathered together for its annual league meeting. Among the issues that is being discussed is the Oakland Raiders are reportedly mulling a potential preseason game in Canada, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

The Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys are already slated to play a preseason game in Hawaii, and there’s talk that the San Francisco 49ers might even play a game in China next season. Combined with the NFL’s London obsession, it’s clear that expanding the audience is a major mandate for the league.

That being said, Canada is already very much interested in football and has its own league. So, it’s unclear exactly why our northern neighbors would be targeted for an NFL game that doesn’t matter.

The Raiders, as it happens, just got the final approval to play its regular season in Oakland on Monday as owners unanimously voted to approve the lease, and their brand new stadium in Las Vegas is set to open in 2020.